Managing Strategic Change: Why Business Change Enablement Matters Now

Managing Strategic Change Why Business Change Enablement Matters Now

Over the past few years, a trend has emerged: departments and practices formerly known as “organizational change management” have begun replacing that term with “business change enablement.” As a business change enablement practitioner, I’m frequently asked, Why this is? From the vantage point of designing change initiatives across organizations that vary by industry and size, […]

Change Enablement is a Top Priority for Your Team… Here’s Why

Change Enablement Is A Top Priority For Your Team. Here’s Why.

Every organization will, at some point, go through a transition of technology or process that will impact how the organization runs. Whether it’s implementing a new sales enablement tool, applying model insights to daily processes, or even tweaking the process of how tasks and activities are managed, these changes can have a significant impact on […]