How to Ensure Your Salesforce Managed Services Engagement is Successful

Implementation is only part of the journey with a successful Salesforce solution. For long-term, continuous innovation and success with the platform, a Salesforce managed services engagement guided by a vendor (aka partner) who understands your needs, scope, and goals each step of the way is essential. Ensure your Salesforce managed services engagement gets off to […]

Whitepaper: Driving Salesforce Financial Service Cloud Adoption at Banks


WHITEPAPER Driving Financial Services Cloud Adoption at Banks It’s no surprise that many banks are choosing Salesforce Financial Services Cloud (FSC). With tools that enable bespoke experiences for customers, automation that boosts productivity, AI-powered insights, and more, the platform is a natural fit for key decision makers. But what about end users? They’re the ones […]

Managing Strategic Change: Why Business Change Enablement Matters Now

Managing Strategic Change Why Business Change Enablement Matters Now

Over the past few years, a trend has emerged: departments and practices formerly known as “organizational change management” have begun replacing that term with “business change enablement.” As a business change enablement practitioner, I’m frequently asked, Why this is? From the vantage point of designing change initiatives across organizations that vary by industry and size, […]

Change Enablement is a Top Priority for Your Team… Here’s Why

Change Enablement Is A Top Priority For Your Team. Here’s Why.

Every organization will, at some point, go through a transition of technology or process that will impact how the organization runs. Whether it’s implementing a new sales enablement tool, applying model insights to daily processes, or even tweaking the process of how tasks and activities are managed, these changes can have a significant impact on […]