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Financial Services Cloud Quickstart

Getting started with your 360 relationship center has never been easier

Financial firms need real-time data and insight to keep up with client expectations in a time of exponential change and growth. You may have all the data points, but being able to convert all that information into insight, action, and repeatable revenue is essential.

At Atrium, we ensure a data-driven implementation to surface insights that bankers, relationship managers, and advisors can use to prioritize their day-to-day and take action on in real time. Our focus is on maximizing value delivery, so that Financial Services Cloud (FSC) is not just a technical implementation, but moreover an opportunity to support business objectives and drive long-term value creation.

Data-Driven FSC Quickstart

Atrium’s Quickstart implementation model aligns you with a targeted, efficient, and cost-effective deployment team that condenses your time to value, with the focus on the data-driven insights that yield the biggest business impact.


Understand current business processes and systems, and quickly pivot to out-of-the-box priorities for an initial implementation of FSC. Specific focus on business objectives and enabling data-driven insights within the FSC-enabled processes.

Setup and Configuration

Setup and configuration of selected, key FSC objects: Financial Accounts, Account Teams, Relationship Builder, Action Plans, Interest Tags, Life and Business Events, etc.

Specific capabilities will be based on the priorities and business objectives for the Quickstart.

Embedded Analytics and Actioning

In addition to enabling out-of-the box analytics, we will deliver CRM Analytics components to support at least one key business outcome embedded on the Home page and Account Records to drive insights and actioning.

Enhance and Evolve

Our team provides collaborative curation of backlog items, such as advanced FSC capabilities, servicing workflows, process automation, and self-service capabilities, ensuring you go the distance — not just get started.

More Options to Drive Outcomes

Business Change Enablement

Why plan for change?

Prioritize business change enablement (BCE) to maximize value. Atrium’s prescribed BCE framework provides the roadmap to ensure adoption and drive your desired business outcomes. We advise and lead from build to launch with change management best practices. We also develop communications and training in tandem with implementation. An early investment in BCE is the key to success throughout and well beyond implementation.


Have data from multiple sources?

Atrium can architect, design, and build both batch and real-time integrations to your core banking and lending systems, your data warehouse, and key third-party data providers such as UCC, D&B, Pitchbook, and more.

Enhance and expand the value of the Quickstart for a full 360 customer view and insight into acquisition, growth, and retention objectives.


Want to maximize and evolve your investment ?

Continue to evolve your implementation with additional capabilities and enhancements — without having to invest in significant in-house staff. We offer managed services for frequent progressive releases of functionality for your business users.

Rapidly improve and evolve the experience and efficiencies of your business users with flexibility and scalability on demand.

Getting Started: What to Expect


Once we’re properly introduced and aligned on needs, priorities, and goals, we start with end-to-end discovery and setting the vision.


We start by installing FSC and configuring it to meet the needs of your business — including any necessary deep dives and enablement sessions.


The moment you’ve been waiting for! Deployment, at which point we’ll validate use cases and document our final design.


Once the solution is deployed, we’ll do a joint project review, knowledge transfer, and get started on backlog curation and defining next steps for enhancements.

Avoid Stalling After You’ve (Quick)Started

Innovate and Accelerate with CRM Analytics for Financial Services

Financial firms have long been beneficiaries of advanced analytics. In this whitepaper, learn to leverage CRM Analytics to innovate on your current business processes and accelerate your path to desired outcomes. Read case studies centered on real-world financial services success with CRM Analytics, get insight into various CRM Analytics accelerators and proven solutions that will shorten your time to value, and more.

Driving Financial Services Cloud Adoption at Banks

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud is a natural fit for key decision makers at financial firms. But what about end users? They’re the ones that will be using the platform every day, and many of them have been using legacy systems for years, which can lead to confusion and lackluster adoption. This whitepaper will help you empower users to learn and successfully adopt FSC for the long run.

Proven Success With Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

white newrez logo.

Newrez provides full service to mortgage clients from origination through servicing. They’re dedicated to delivering exceptional lending options with an easy application process for both their customers and strategic business-to-business partnerships. In order to consolidate two completely separate businesses with better efficiencies and lower costs, they partnered with Atrium to design the end-to-end process for cross-functional collaboration and replatform to an omnichannel implementation with Financial Services Cloud.

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