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Salesforce Revenue Intelligence

Centralize your revenue intel, make accurate predictions, and close more deals

It’s more critical than ever to have automated revenue insights all in one place. The more revenue your organization drives, the bigger the chance to discover more opportunities if you invest in the right revenue intelligence software.

Salesforce’s Revenue Intelligence is an AI-powered tool to help sales leaders stay on top of revenue performance and grow more revenue with predictive insights.

What are the benefits of Salesforce Revenue Intelligence?

  • More confidence in your sales forecast. No more second guessing yourself on the sales forecast.
  • Accelerate your deal cycles. Increase your team’s productivity and focus your energy on faster win rates.
  • Close more deals. When you have all the data readily analyzed and translated into dashboards, understanding and closing more deals becomes simpler.

For seasoned sales leaders, an intelligent tool like Salesforce’s Revenue Intelligence can take the guesswork out of key decisions and deals. On the other hand, junior sales reps, without years of experience to guide them, benefit from a powerful software that displays KPIs (e.g., opportunity scoring, win rates, deal sizes, and new business opportunities).

Salesforce Revenue Intelligence Capablities

Intuition is always great, but the highest-performing sales teams rely on data and automated, predictive insights to drive scalable, repeatable revenue success. Here’s our take on the capabilities associated with Salesforce Revenue Intelligence.

Pattern Recognition

Use AI and analytics to find patterns in your business that influence revenue growth. Historic data can inform your next steps and tactical approach.


Ensure the broader team is properly coached in the form of system-driven recommended actions in the workflow, right where users work.

Activity Tracking

Understand who is consuming intelligent recommendations and assess the impact those insights have on your desired business outcomes.

Get Results Faster With a Revenue Intelligence Quickstart

Want to get started as quickly as possible? Have some customizations or additional dashboard needs? You have options.

Here are some key indicators that a Revenue Intelligence Quickstart is a fit — and that you and your team could benefit from basic starter support, a custom engagement, or something in between.

  • You currently use Account, Opportunity, Opportunity line item, User, and User Role Objects
  • You currently use Collaborative Forecasting
  • You currently have all objects associated with Collaborative Forecasting already established
  • Forecast hierarchy is configured with Collaborative Forecasting
  • Use of Opportunity as the object for Collaborative forecasting, as well as Amount as the measure, Close date as the date type, Role Hierarchy as the hierarchy

Certified Salesforce Consultants to Guide You

Our Salesforce consulting services can help you get the most out of your data and investment in Salesforce Revenue Intelligence.

Salesforce Analytics

As CRM Analytics experts, we unlock your data to surface insights where your users actually work. Our approach delivers on your needs and outcomes by combining Salesforce implementation expertise with data analytics innovation and best practices.​

Data Signal Analysis

Our data signal analysis service identifies opportunities to incorporate intelligence into the flow of the business process so that insights translate directly to actions, improving customer experience and increasing operational efficiency.​

Managed Services

Whether you need help monitoring, managing, or extending the Salesforce platform and related technology investments, we can support your team with our Elevate service.​

Proven Success With Salesforce Revenue Intelligence

It’s one thing to grow revenue… It’s another to find revenue that’s already sitting in your system, at risk of being lost. Within just two hours of use, Twilio AEs discovered over $250,000 in missed opportunities thanks to a solution our team built.

Created in partnership with Salesforce, this whitepaper explores how companies can use revenue operations (aka revops) and revenue intelligence effectively through a proven combination of change management, data strategy, and analytics expertise.

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