Ensure Your Intelligent Solutions Stay Intelligent with Elevate

Systems that rely on AI and machine learning require a different approach for support and maintenance

Why Elevate?

You’ve launched your first machine learning model. Great! Now what?

Do you have the data science expertise in house to understand the correlations in the data and across single and multiple predictive models?

How do you ensure these predictive models stay intelligent as your business changes?

What happens to your predictive models if you bring new products and services to market?

What happens when a new competitive pressure appears?

Will you have the ability to evolve the application layer, action framework, analytics dashboards, and data infrastructure?

Atrium offers a managed service, called Elevate, to monitor, manage, and extend Systems of Intelligence. Elevate combines industry-based algorithm templates, DevOps best practices, monitoring tools, and a partnering model that emphasizes long term success through outcome-based support provided by Atrium.

Elevate Services

Atrium utilizes deep functional/technical expertise, custom tools, & geographic efficiencies to support intelligent solutions.



24/7 assistance to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of your solution.


Fine tune your solutions to accommodate changes to your business and data.



Enhance and expand your solution with additional capabilities.

Elevate Success Story

Continuous improvement of their sales solution

Staples (SPP) is seeing cross-divisional alignment driven by enhancement prioritization and a streamlined delivery process.

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