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Just getting started? Quickstarts are starter programs designed to help you begin your analytics journey with the systems and solutions that are right for you.

Analytics Quickstarts

Accelerate your analytics adoption and get the results you need with analytics expertise from our certified consultants.

Tableau Quickstart

A Tableau Quickstart allows you to visualize predictions in the context of existing analytics infrastructure. Our team helps orchestrate external customer data sources that are then scored, along with managing authentication and data protocols required to deliver those predictions within Tableau.

CRM Analytics Quickstart

In just a matter of weeks, you can get results with one of our CRM Analytics Quickstarts. With a number of custom options available, our team can help you stand up visualizations, satisfy your highest-priority use case, and provide hands-on training on CRM Analytics for members of your team.

Revenue Intelligence Quickstart

Streamline your revenue operations, win more deals, and empower your sales team with more accurate predictions. It all starts with our Revenue Intelligence Quickstart. In just a few short weeks, you can get set for success with one of our Revenue Intelligence Quickstarts, plus even more options to drive outcomes.

Dashboard Adoption Quickstart

Maybe your team has spent months building a dashboard that will enable data-driven decision-making and drive business value. But do your end users have the support they need to ensure adoption and unlock the dashboard’s full value? That’s where business change enablement for analytics adoption comes in to help you maximize the ROI on your dashboard.

AI Quickstarts

Speed up your journey to AI success with support from our data science experts.

Data Signal Analysis Quickstart

With our Data Signal Analysis Quickstart, we consider current processes and available data, identify future data requirements and desired actions, and then (using a predictive model and data) we conduct data analysis to detect initial signal and data-based insights. We then present signal analysis results and map out insight-based actions.

Intelligent Experience Quickstart

Want to use predictions to improve business outcomes? Want to join outside data sources with data-driven systems such as Salesforce? In just 90 days, we define the intelligent experience for customers and users, build machine learning models and AI systems to generate insights, surface recommended actions, and refine models to ensure a continuously intelligent experience.

Generative AI Quickstart

Our data science experts can help you understand real use cases and action plans to get results with generative AI embedded in CRM. With hands-on experience with generative AI techniques across Einstein GPT, Tableau GPT, and more, our team can create powerful generative models that generate realistic and high-quality outputs and get real results for your business.

Platform Quickstarts

Maximize the value of your platforms with quickstarts specific to your everyday systems.

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud Quickstart

You may have all the data points, but can you convert all that information into insight, action, and repeatable revenue? Get results faster with a Financial Services Cloud Quickstart, an accelerated, data-driven implementation.

Service Cloud Quickstart

Customer support agents and self-service capabilities have to provide more straightforward, intuitive ways to get help than ever. With a cost-effective Salesforce Service Cloud Quickstart, you can be live with Service Cloud in as little as four weeks.

Sales Cloud Quickstart

Having predictive analytics and real-time data in Salesforce Sales Cloud can be the difference between a lost deal and a big win. You can be live with Sales Cloud faster and more cost-effectively in as little as four weeks with a Sales Cloud Quickstart.

Proven Customer Success

Academic Partnerships

As a result of our work, AP expects a 10-20% improvement in lead-to-application completion rate, and a ~25% decrease in new enrollment melt rate (i.e., abandoned enrollment).

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