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Getting Started with Salesforce Service Intelligence

Getting Started with Salesforce Service Intelligence

With live chat, virtual assistants, email support, self-service portals, community forums, and more, great customer service looks different than it once did. Providing intuitive, accessible, and personalized support is crucial in every industry today and businesses have to adapt to keep pace with changing expectations. With Salesforce Service Intelligence, customer service teams can tap into the combined power of Salesforce Data Cloud, CRM Analytics, and Einstein Conversation Mining to deliver such next-level experiences.

As a foundational solution for your support agents and managers, Service Intelligence can help you reduce costs, streamline case management, and speed up case resolution — all resulting in lower overhead and greater customer satisfaction. But how does it differ from existing customer service technologies?

Embed service insights from Salesforce Data Cloud directly in the flow of support agents’ work with CRM Analytics

With the right data infrastructure, your customer data can tell you what you need to know to act on insights into your support agent interactions, service trends, CSAT, and more. If you already use Service Cloud, you likely know many of the benefits of Service Cloud Einstein, comprehensive customer data, and streamlined workflows (or are currently working to get there).

To dig deeper here, Service Intelligence provides pre-built dashboards and allows you to access unified customer service data to help you save time and maintain customer relationships. Here are a few examples of specific features that benefit customer service teams:

Case dashboards for support managers

For support managers, knowing which agents are performing well and who needs coaching, as well as team-wide KPIs and caseloads, is essential. With case dashboards, you can see the bigger picture of the whole team’s caseload at a glance, including high-level stats like CSAT by channel, average time to close, total number of escalated cases, and more.

My Performance dashboards for support agents

You want to give your support agents as much information as possible to help them know where to go, which cases are most in need, and next steps. Agents can use individualized performance dashboards to get a holistic look at their caseload. With all the high-level stats that can help them identify areas for success and improvement — like total escalated cases, percentage of first contact resolution, CSAT by channel, and more — agents can provide more timely, personalized support.

Omni-channel dashboards

How can you ensure the right support agent handles the right case? Route cases based on agent availability, expertise, and caseload. Increased efficiency not only helps the customer and overall customer experience, but it also helps your customer service teams’ experience in terms of workload and quality of interactions.

Einstein Conversation Mining dashboards

Einstein AI can help you understand why customers are reaching out for help in the first place. You can see top customer contact reasons and topics by volume, conversation length, average cost per interaction, and more. The deeper you can dig, the more you can know — and Einstein AI makes it easy to understand patterns and the reasons behind them, like when a conversation is passed from a bot to an agent.

Take Service Intelligence a step further with pre-built accelerators

Our team at Atrium has existed at the intersection of data, CRM, and AI since long before Service Intelligence launched. While out-of-the-box dashboards can give you a great foundation, it’s beneficial to have customization that suits your specific servicing needs. Our team of analytics experts have created an entire library of accelerators specifically designed to help you get more out of your dashboards, with use cases spanning individual agent performance, tracking time to resolution, and more. These pre-built components for Tableau and CRM Analytics can help ensure you maximize the value of Service Intelligence, further enable agents and managers, and deliver better, faster customer service.

Learn more about our Service Intelligence offerings and how we can help you create better customer service experiences.