Salesforce Powers the Intelligent, Autonomous Enterprise by Connecting Einstein GPT and Data Cloud to Flow

Salesforce Powers the Intelligent, Autonomous Enterprise by Connecting Einstein GPT and Data Cloud to Flow

Originally published by Salesforce. Read their announcement. With generative AI, real-time data, and capabilities in Flow, customers can use natural language to create intelligent, automated workflows that use real-time signals — such as changes in customer behavior or market conditions — to trigger actions Customers like Sunnova are using automation to build personalized experiences for […]

Atrium’s 2022 in Review: The Highlights and Industry News That Made Our Year

Our team and our business is another year older and wiser. At Atrium, 2022 has been a fast-paced yet reflective year defined by in-person ecosystem events and volunteerism, major industry announcements, significant growth for ourselves and our customers, exciting updates from partners, and so much more. When a year comes to a close, so often […]

Atrium Earth Week: Nurturing a Culture of Charity and Earth Positivity

Atrium Earth Week, Revisited - featured image

Celebrating and taking care of our planet has never been more relevant and important. Despite having existed for over 50 years, Earth Day has taken on new meaning and power as awareness and activism about our Earth’s health and future has become a global phenomenon. It no longer seems feasible to appreciate the planet just […]

International Women’s Day 2022: Breaking the Bias

International Women’s Day is upon us — a great time for us all to reflect on how far we have come since the holiday’s first observance over one hundred years ago. Throughout this time, there have been so many milestones achieved by women all around the world. As I type this, my mind immediately shifts […]

Atrium selected as nominee for TechPoint Mira Awards honoring ‘The Best of Tech in Indiana’

Following two years of virtual events, award winners will be announced during an in-person gala at the JW Marriott on Saturday, April 23, 2022 INDIANAPOLIS (February 15, 2022) — TechPoint, the nonprofit, industry-led growth initiative for Indiana’s technology ecosystem, today announced the nominees for its 23rd annual Mira Awards program presented by Salesforce. The Mira […]

9 Career Tips for a Junior Developer

9 Career Tips For A Junior Developer

I’ve worn many hats in my years as a consultant. As I honed my technical and professional skills, I have taken on incrementally more challenging roles such as developer, senior developer, tech lead, and now architect. Along the way I’ve picked up some tips and tricks to help further my professional development. If you’re looking […]