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Snowflake Offerings Press Release

Atrium Helps Snowflake Customers Maximize Value with Expanded Snowflake Migration Offerings

Modern Data Management, Targeted Data Architecture Enhancements, and Customized Migrations are Here to Support Snowflake Customers

Indianapolis, April 2, 2024 – As the market leader in combining CRM, data, and AI to drive business outcomes, Atrium has built an extensive Snowflake practice over the past 3+ years. Now, the company has bolstered its existing status as a Snowflake Elite Services Partner with the launch of enhanced migration offerings to help customers maximize the value of the Snowflake Data Cloud.

“Our expanded Snowflake offerings allow us to do something unique in the Snowflake ecosystem. We have the skill sets to deliver on the promise of the Snowflake Data Cloud by traversing data complexity to business outcomes. We can take our customers all the way from origin to destination, breaking through the wall between piping data and taking advantage of that data to create impactful business outcomes,” said Chris Heineken, Atrium CEO. “Most partners exclusively focus on one or the other, while Atrium spans the entire spectrum across complexity, technology, and value. With our full-service approach, these newly enhanced offerings will extend the immense growth, retention, and efficiency insights and actionability we provide to our customers.”

These offerings make data platform modernization more accessible and efficient to businesses, allowing them to more easily get started with Snowflake or enhance the platform to any extent through customization.

Here is an overview of Atrium’s expanded Snowflake offerings:

Snowflake Readiness Assessment and POC: A readiness assessment, planning workshops, and POC/prototype data flow provides a template for scaling your capability to add more data and empower data and analytics developers and consumers.

Direct Migration: Transform your data environment quickly to realize the advantages of modern data management with Snowflake — all while minimizing impact to the business and connected systems.

Focused Transformation: Get expert guidance to leverage Snowflake features and benefits to amplify the effect of the migration program with targeted enhancements to data architecture, data acquisition, and analytic data products.

Customized Migration: A tailored approach to your Snowflake migration, providing the experience and expertise needed to create and execute a comprehensive migration plan suited to your specific business needs and tied directly to your desired outcomes.

Analytics Quickstart: Gain insights from your data with a custom dashboard providing key metrics and context to data analysts and decision-makers. This provides a template to accelerate development and delivery of analytics products driven by your desired business outcomes.

These offerings will help Snowflake customers starting their data journey accelerate time to value and seamlessly deliver powerful insights to data analysts and decision-makers, enabling businesses to significantly increase ROI on the platform and action on their data directly.

Learn more about Atrium’s Snowflake migration offerings.

About Atrium
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