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FSC Offerings Press Release

New Salesforce Financial Services Cloud Offerings from Atrium Drive Increased Business Growth and Retention

Atrium’s Customized FSC Offerings Empower Firms to Deliver Enhanced Customer Experience, Operational Efficiency, and Market Expansion

Indianapolis, April 2, 2024 – Atrium has spent years harnessing data to drive action for leading businesses in the financial services industry. In launching new Salesforce Financial Services Cloud (FSC) offerings, they will enable bankers, relationship managers, and advisors to leverage FSC as a true catalyst for sustained growth and enhanced retention.

“We’re incredibly excited about the advancements we’ve made with our Financial Services Cloud offerings,” said Valerie Weis, Atrium’s Financial Services Industry Lead. “These updates will significantly streamline operations and augment sales for Salesforce customers in wealth management and banking. Teams will gain new levels of efficiency, allowing them to focus on building strong client relationships and delivering exceptional service. With our data-driven approach and alignment to business outcomes, we’re uniquely qualified to help new Salesforce customers as well as experienced FSC users optimize their existing setup, unlock the platform’s full potential, and drive real business growth for years to come.”

Weis is on the Financial Services Partner Advisory Board at Salesforce, where she provides industry insight pertaining to FSC product development in service of financial clients and builds community relationships within the Salesforce ecosystem. As a longtime leader within the financial services industry, she draws from extensive firsthand experience and knowledge about customer and market needs, as well as FSC expertise.

As the top industry solution for financial firms, FSC empowers businesses to centralize and streamline workflows and insights across customer experience, operations, acquisition and retention, and financial performance.

These new FSC offerings align with Atrium’s mission to boost their customers’ FSC journeys and help them maximize ROI, accelerate adoption, and achieve sustainable success. Here is an overview of the three offerings:

FSC Essentials: Foundational client management, automation, and integration with AppExchange/core banking system in 10-13 weeks. Achieve efficient lead management, seamless opportunity tracking, and intelligent referral nurturing.

FSC Plus: Advanced analytics and full-scale client experience and engagement in 17-19 weeks. Understand client goals, track interactions, and leverage analytics for proactive engagement and increased client loyalty.

FSC Complete: Offers an enhanced experience, building on Essentials and Plus with data-driven insights, relationship tools, time-saving features, and compliance safeguards — making it the optimal choice for advanced operational efficiency, time management, and compliance emphasis.

These new offerings bolster Atrium’s legacy of supporting financial services firms with a full-scale approach to strategy and roadmapping, data-driven FSC implementations, business change enablement, managed services, industry-specific data analytics, and AI innovation.

Learn more about all of Atrium’s new FSC offerings.

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