What We Learned From the 2021 Tableau for CRM Partner Summit

The Tableau for CRM Partner Summit was February 9-10th — a two-day summit that focused on upcoming releases for Tableau CRM and highlighted the roadmap as well. As a Salesforce partner, the Atrium team uses this summit to help our consultants stay up to date on the future of Tableau CRM. We apply this knowledge […]

Einstein Analytics to Tableau CRM: What You Need to Know About the Rebrand

Last fall, Salesforce announced the rebrand of Einstein Analytics to Tableau CRM, a new name that could be confusing to those familiar with Tableau. It might seem like a small thing, but renaming Einstein Analytics is an indicator of the direction Salesforce intends to go with reporting. Einstein is still the overall AI brand for […]

Salesforce Analytics and Solution Engineering With Steve Brown of Salesforce

Patterns around analytics and AI are changing — and CRM Analytics (formerly Tableau CRM) is at the forefront of many of them. Our CEO Chris Heineken spoke with Steve Brown (Sr. Dr. Tableau CRM Solution Engineering) about his journey at Salesforce, unpacking the differences between Tableau and Tableau CRM for newcomers to analytics, and how […]

David Gibbons on the Evolution of Product Marketing at Salesforce

Those in the Salesforce ecosystem have seen the incredible progression of Salesforce analytics and AI solutions over the years. But David Gibbons, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Salesforce, has lived it firsthand — having experienced major transitions and growth in the form of Wave, Einstein, and Tableau. Our CEO Chris Heineken spoke with David […]

Predicting the Future of Predictive Analytics

There has been a great deal of investment from technology platforms and purpose-built AI companies around embedded predictive analytics. How did we get here and where are we headed next? Philip Cooper (VP, Product, Tableau CRM) spoke with Atrium CEO Chris Heineken about his own evolution with Tableau CRM (formerly Einstein Analytics), common success factors […]

Challenges and Changes in the Mortgage Industry With Salesforce

As the Global Head of Mortgage & Lending at Salesforce, Geoff Green has seen the challenges and changes across the mortgage industry through COVID-19 firsthand. He spoke with Atrium CEO Chris Heineken about his path to mortgage and lending at Salesforce, the evolution of analytics and machine learning in the industry, Financial Services Cloud for […]

An Inside Look at Sales Productivity With Nutanix

Businesses have a lot to consider when it comes to investments in sales productivity — particularly those that have invested in legacy IT. Dana Clark (Director, Sales Processes and Capabilities at Nutanix) spoke with our CEO Chris Heineken about business transformation in light of COVID-19, putting analytics and AI at the forefront of future sales […]

A Timely Call for Systems of Intelligence and the Future of Salesforce Analytics

Our mindset around systems of intelligence has shifted with the times. Businesses have turned to Salesforce — and specifically CRM Analytics (formerly Tableau CRM) — to reap the benefits of predictive analytics and industry-specific use cases. Which industries are most aggressive in their approach toward analytics and AI transformation in light of Covid-19? What can […]

Atrium’s Take on the Einstein Analytics and Snowflake Partnership

With an important update to the Salesforce-Snowflake partnership, Einstein Analytics and Snowflake can deliver even more value to customers. Integrations between the two will allow organizations to combine and analyze all data in Snowflake Cloud Data Platform and visualize it and derive new insights with business intelligence tools such as Tableau and Salesforce applications. Since […]