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Takeaways from Dreamforce 2023 to Guide You through the Rest of the Year

Takeaways from Dreamforce 2023 to Guide You through the Rest of the Year

After you’ve left Moscone (or the Atrium Lounge!) in your sneakers and your Trailblazer hoodie, backpack and swag-filled tote bag in tow, it’s easy to succumb to information overload. The announcements, the live demos, the guided tutorials and masterful roadmapping, the meetings, the goal setting, the coffee, the coffee… It’s a lot to take in.

That’s why I’m here with key takeaways from a few experts to help you remember all the things you worried you might forget as soon as you returned to your couch and your dog. Fortunately, the Atrium team has dedicated industry and platform experts, so you can reach out to us to get support and partner on your data + CRM + AI journey.

Now for a replay of Dreamforce 2023 highlights you need to know. Let’s get into it.

Generative AI, Einstein, and predictive modeling innovation

Paul Harmon, our Senior Manager of Data Science, with updates around Prompt Studio, Einstein Copilot, Einstein GPT, Einstein Studio, and related Salesforce Data Cloud innovations:

Prompt Studio

Prompt Studio will allow for customization of prompts in Einstein Copilot (more on that below) by allowing users to test their own prompts, use Salesforce data in prompts, and leverage customization in prompts to Einstein GPT.

Einstein Studio

With Einstein Studio, Salesforce extends their ability to bring predictive model insights to Salesforce by integrating Einstein Discovery with Data Cloud. This is along with powerful integrations to Amazon SageMaker and Google Vertex that allow for off-platform models to be trained and deployed on Data Cloud data. This streamlines the integration of predictive modeling tools with Salesforce, and allows for actionable insights to be surfaced in real time via Data Cloud or directly in Salesforce.

Tableau Pulse, Service Intelligence, and more Einstein Copilot

Patrick Scherder, our Director of Tableau Delivery, with insight into Tableau Pulse, a closer look at Einstein Copilot’s AI capabilities, and the next frontier of service via Salesforce:

Tableau Pulse

Tableau Pulse, powered by Tableau AI (which automates data analysis, preparation, and data governance), can lower the barrier and empower more people with specialized insights that matter most to them. Consider that it will anticipate questions you might have, as well as suggesting questions you might not have considered. In turn, Tableau AI will summarize those insights, enabling smarter, faster, data-driven decisions and reducing manual workflows.

Einstein Copilot

Picking up Paul’s thread above, Einstein Copilot visually explores your data to find insights faster. It automates data curation by generating calculations and metadata descriptions, and it follows best practices to help you create dashboards to act on your findings.

Service Intelligence

Salesforce is also launching Service Intelligence and Segment Intelligence apps (powered by CRM Analytics). For background, Service Intelligence is a solution that will display important contact center performance metrics, providing intuitive data visualizations to track and measure customer service goals. According to Salesforce, Service Intelligence includes Data Cloud, CRM Analytics, and Einstein Conversation Mining — working to help customer service teams improve operations and reduce costs.

The buzz around Data Cloud, plus Snowflake data sharing

Andrew Foerster, our VP of Data Platforms and Solutions, details what’s new with Salesforce Data Cloud (especially the idea of getting started for free), as well as zero-copy data sharing innovations with Snowflake:

Getting started with Data Cloud… for free?

There was a ton of interest from customers about the potential to get started with Data Cloud for free. But with it comes some confusion about the right use cases, how to tactically get started, what you can do with the number of credits provided, how easy (or not) it is to self-implement… As it is, you need guidance in navigating this offering from Salesforce, and we’re uniquely positioned to help you figure out where to begin and how. Reach out to us for more information.

Salesforce and Snowflake: zero-copy data sharing

Have you created your own data pipelines between Salesforce and Snowflake? Do you have Snowflake and Salesforce Data Cloud? There’s a good deal of potential here, especially if you’re a customer of both Salesforce and Snowflake. The ability to use Data Cloud data in Snowflake queries and views creates new opportunities in everyday Snowflake usage, as well as helping plan a longer-term vision for your overall data architecture.

Data Cloud for Einstein 1

There’s a lot of excitement around the new Einstein 1 platform, which provides advancement for Data Cloud and Einstein 1 capabilities. The new platform, according to Salesforce, gives companies the ability to connect any data (any data!) to build AI-powered apps with low code and create new CRM experiences as a result. We noticed a lot of interest in using Data Cloud data to build custom prompts for large language models, protected by the Einstein GPT Trust Layer.

Other highlights from Dreamforce 2023

A few other areas of excitement for our customers (and for us) to pay attention to through the rest of the year… and beyond:

Revenue Intelligence

What’s hype and what’s beneficial to the business? A lot of customers have interest in Revenue Intelligence, but don’t know where it slots into their existing tech stack. Here’s a whitepaper we co-created with Salesforce that gives a great overview for you.

Snowflake data clean rooms

Businesses are looking for ways to leverage volumes of data while remaining compliant with privacy regulations. We recently had a session with Roku and Snowflake that details reinvented data sharing with Snowflake’s data clean rooms.

Bring us your Dreamforce 2023 questions

During Dreamforce, we hosted hundreds of people per day in the Atrium Lounge — across our industry sessions, networking events, private roundtables, and meetings with experts in generative AI, data analytics and data science, and industries such as financial services and media. (We also had a barista. You have to have a barista.)

But the real work happens after Dreamforce. Reach out to meet with a member of our team! We’re ready to talk through your most exciting, confusing, and meaningful announcements and platform updates.