Elevate Service

Like most modern technologies, systems that rely on AI and machine learning require a different approach for support and maintenance.

Whether you need help monitoring, managing, or extending your solutions with additional capabilities, we can support your team with Elevate, our own long-term approach to professional services.

Ensure Your Intelligent Systems Stay Intelligent With Elevate

Most organizations don’t know where to start with their data, and fail to realize the value of data science solutions due to lack of transparency, trust, and adoption. Through Elevate, we blend prescriptive and predictive insights into your systems of engagement to build the foundation necessary to surface actionable insights and deliver a truly intelligent experience.

Maybe You Have a New Machine Learning Model, But…

  • Do you have the data science expertise you need in house to understand the correlations in the data — and across single and multiple predictive models?
  • Can you ensure predictive models stay intelligent as your business changes?
  • What if you bring new products and services to market, or when a new competitive pressure appears?
  • Do you have the ability to evolve the application layer, action framework, analytics dashboards, and data infrastructure?

Elevate combines industry-based algorithm templates, DevOps best practices, monitoring tools, and a partnering model that emphasizes long-term success through outcome-based support — all provided by us.

How is Elevate Different?

Rather than the most basic maintenance and support you may find with traditional IT vendors, we help our customers with complex system enhancements, analytics and predictive models, and outcome-based support that aligns with their business needs.

How Does It Work?

With Elevate, we help organizations identify powerful possibilities with data science, the implementation of technologies to achieve breakthrough AI outcomes, and a long-term partnership model to support the critical tuning of intelligent platforms for ongoing, repeatable success. As part of your engagement, we combine flexible staffing models and best practices to meet your needs and drive innovation.

What’s Included?

  • Ongoing assistance to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of your solution.
  • Fine-tuned solutions to accommodate changes to your business and data.
  • Enhancement and expansion of your solution with additional capabilities.

Proven Success with elevate

With Atrium as a trusted partner, Robert Half has created a nimble, data-driven, AI-optimized solution that allows the company to innovate and respond to business needs at a pace that other companies can’t match.

Elevate for Nonprofits

Through Elevate, we’re also making technology innovation accessible and attainable to select nonprofits.

How Can Elevate Help My Organization?

  • Advice on analytics approach, including optimizing and managing existing solutions.
  • Better enterprise and fundraising analytics within Salesforce and its reporting tools (i.e., Tableau and Tableau CRM).
  • Data consistency across multiple functional areas and processes.
  • Turn insights into action into impact.

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