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Data Cloud Offerings Press Release

Atrium’s Salesforce Data Cloud Offerings Help Businesses Activate and Monetize Their Data

Refreshed Data Cloud Offerings Help Salesforce Customers Achieve Business Outcomes with Their Data and AI

Indianapolis, April 2, 2024 – Having delivered strategy and solutions at the intersection of CRM, data, and AI since being founded in 2018, Atrium has reached the next frontier in data-driven customer outcomes with comprehensive Salesforce Data Cloud offerings.

These offerings align with a longtime mission to help businesses make better use and monetize their data through CRM strategy and analytics by driving implementations that focus on the last mile. With an emphasis on ensuring an organization gets results by activating their data effectively, the Data Cloud offerings focus on how business processes can be enhanced or reimagined through the innovative use of an organization’s data and AI.

“Atrium is already the industry leader in helping clients deliver data-driven strategy through analytics, AI, and machine learning. With these Data Cloud offerings, we are further enabling our customers to create CRM activations that exponentially accelerate time to value,” said Andrew Foerster, Atrium’s VP of Data Platforms and Solutions. “Our solutions are use case focused and optimized to control consumption costs to meet customers where they are across CRM and data maturity. Our deep experience in data modernization ensures that our customers achieve their ‘last mile’ CRM strategy goals through predictive and prescriptive insights with Data Cloud. I am excited that our offerings will make these outcomes more accessible and more powerful for our customers.”

Foerster is on the Data Cloud Partner Advisory Board at Salesforce, which brings Salesforce ecosystem partners together to advance Data Cloud innovation and ensure Data Cloud offerings continue to center data-driven customer outcomes.

Atrium’s offerings in particular span use case ideation through to full implementation, with robust optionality tailored to a customer’s priorities, Data Cloud setup and experience, and other considerations. Here are the three main offerings:

Data Cloud Proof of Value: Customers can bring a key use case to life to see the power of Data Cloud with their real data at work.

Data Cloud MVP: Customers can build 1-2 use cases into production environments, enabling them to generate value quickly.

Data Cloud Full Implementation: Customers can bring 4+ use cases to life in a production environment, with a tailored approach to resourcing and time allocation.

Beyond the three core offerings, Atrium has also launched a Discovery Workshop to assist customers who need help getting started. This engagement enables business stakeholders to uncover and prioritize their top Data Cloud use cases with support from Atrium’s team of Data Cloud experts.

Spanning every customer’s Data Cloud journey touchpoint, these offerings will help increase revenue, create operational efficiencies, place data and intelligence in the flow of the business process, and empower businesses to drive personalized customer experiences to targeted audiences.

Learn more about all of Atrium’s Data Cloud offerings.

About Atrium
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