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Salesforce Powers the Intelligent, Autonomous Enterprise by Connecting Einstein GPT and Data Cloud to Flow

Salesforce Powers the Intelligent, Autonomous Enterprise by Connecting Einstein GPT and Data Cloud to Flow

Originally published by Salesforce. Read their announcement.

  • With generative AI, real-time data, and capabilities in Flow, customers can use natural language to create intelligent, automated workflows that use real-time signals — such as changes in customer behavior or market conditions — to trigger actions
  • Customers like Sunnova are using automation to build personalized experiences for their employees and customers

Salesforce today announced new Einstein GPT and Data Cloud capabilities for Flow, its portfolio of automation tools.

By powering Flow with Data Cloud — which unifies all of a company’s customer data across channels and interactions into single, real-time customer profiles — customers can now automate complex workflows and trigger actions based on real-time changes. For example, a marketing automation system detects that a customer has just abandoned their online shopping cart, triggering an immediate follow-up email with a personalized discount code to encourage them to complete their purchase.

Einstein GPT is Salesforce’s generative AI CRM technology, and by combining it with Flow, users can create and modify automations using a conversational interface, which radically simplifies the flow creation process and significantly lowers barriers for non-technical users.

The Salesforce perspective: “Flow helps customers quickly automate complex business processes across any system, and today is delivering 1 trillion monthly automations and saving customers 109 billion hours every month,” said John Kucera, SVP of Automation, Salesforce. “By powering Flow with Einstein and GPT and Data Cloud, we’re not only enhancing usability but also ensuring our customers have access to the most advanced tools to achieve even more productivity, efficiency, and growth. This democratizes enterprise AI for everyone.”

salesforce pr image - einstein gpt for flow

Einstein GPT for Flow can generate workflows from a text prompt. For example, a user types “Send an email to a group when an opportunity is won.” Einstein GPT for Flow then tells the browser what to click on and what to enter into the Flow Builder user interface. It knows how to work with the context of the Salesforce records and metadata to configure the action correctly.

Einstein GPT for Flow in action: Einstein GPT for Flow helps business users and admins work more efficiently to build automation powered by AI with better usability and accessibility, and increased speed.

  • Business users and admins could describe what kind of flow they want to build and see it built for them in near real time, instead of having to build each flow manually, step by step.
  • Users can also describe a formula they want and Einstein GPT will build it automatically. This replaces having to carefully piece formulas together, avoiding the risk of mistakes within formula syntax.
  • Users will see improved searchability by describing a function they need to locate and having Einstein GPT insert the correct flow automatically, instead of having to search out sub flows and invocable actions.

Data Cloud for Flow in action: Flow powered by Data Cloud helps companies make every experience feel interconnected and personalized.

  • Marketers use automation powered by real-time telemetry data to optimize the retail experience by offering in-store discounts at the right moment.
  • Commerce professionals use real-time data to power dynamic pricing in ecommerce by automatically adjusting prices based on real-time demand and supply – as well as updating inventory levels and availability information.
  • Financial service companies use real-time data to automate fraud detection and prevention by flagging suspicious transactions based on unusual patterns, such as large withdrawals or transfers to foreign countries.
  • Manufacturing companies use real-time data to optimize production processes and efficiency by monitoring machine performance in real time to trigger automated maintenance requests.

The customer perspective: “Real-time automation technology has changed how we commission energy solutions for our customers. With Salesforce automation, we can snapshot our energy production and register systems for state and local incentives automatically, therefore reducing manual tasks by almost four hours per day. This not only improves our operational efficiency, but also helps guarantee system production for our customers.” – Jake Wachman, VP Digital, Sunnova

Salesforce Success Ecosystem: Salesforce’s Success Ecosystem extends generative AI and data offerings with specialized expertise to help power the intelligent, autonomous enterprise. The Success Ecosystem brings deep knowledge and technical ability to help customers achieve even more productivity and growth:

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