How to Plug Your Own External Machine Learning Models (BYOM) In Salesforce

How to Plug Your Own External Machine Learning Models (BYOM) In Salesforce

Contributors: Paul Harmon, Keely Weisbeck Back in the day, businesses needed lots of resources to build predictive models from scratch, including a data science team of qualified statistics experts to build and maintain models. Einstein Discovery from Salesforce allows companies to implement machine learning without needing a team of data scientists, integration experts, and architecture […]

March Madness: Rating NCAA Basketball Teams with Einstein Discovery

March Madness raiting NCAA basketball teams with eistein discovery

Ah, March. Winter’s icy grip is fading; spring is just around the corner; and the sights and sounds of college basketball are quickly approaching. Who doesn’t love a little March Madness? In Spring 2020, Atrium’s Data Science team asked a question: what if we used Einstein Discovery to build a model to identify the best […]

What We’re Excited About With the Launch of Einstein Discovery in Tableau

As data volumes continue to increase, getting insights in a meaningful way is the new norm. With that, Tableau CRM is leading the charge. Embedded discovery and insights in Tableau CRM help Salesforce users to understand data trends and key customer insights. Tableau CRM is already built with deep, native integration across the Salesforce platform. […]

Integrating Custom Machine Learning Models With Salesforce

Machine learning problems can be divided broadly into two sections: Supervised. With supervised learning, we know what we want to predict. Specifically, we know what the target variable is. Unsupervised. With unsupervised learning, we don’t know what we want to predict. Specifically, we are working with raw data and do not have a specific target […]

Einstein Discovery: What’s New in the Salesforce Summer ’20 Release?

Salesforce’s Summer ‘20 Release is here, and there’s been a buzz surrounding some of its enhancements and new features — particularly around Einstein Discovery. Having explored the updates firsthand and looked into the release notes from Salesforce, we spoke with some of our experts to find out what they’re most excited about. Chris Barbour, Data […]