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Journey from College to Consulting With Atrium’s 2022 Luminate Cohort in Jaipur

Journey from College to Consulting With Atrium’s 2022 Luminate Cohort in Jaipur

Contributors: Khushi Chaplot, Kriti Sharma, Anushka Sharma, Prachi Behl, Tanisha Dhemla, Shivam Tailor, Pallav Vyas, and Devyanshi Khandelwal   Change is inevitable, and the transition from college to corporate life is one big breakthrough that almost every fresh graduate experiences soon after graduation. It seems both exciting and intimidating because it is a life-changing transformation […]

A Tale of Becoming: What Mentorship Means In Atrium’s Luminate Program

A Tale of Becoming What Mentorship Means In Atrium’s Luminate Program

Author: Tyler Pollard, Nick Burkland Going from college to full-time work is an exciting, yet scary transition for most people. Upon entering the workforce, there is a major shift in dynamics that takes place. What was once a rubric and syllabus is now the more abstract task of defining goals, prioritizing, and accomplishing tasks. Where […]

Inspiring the Next Generation At Indiana University: A Crash Course On Salesforce

Inspiring the Next Generation At Indiana University A Crash Course On Salesforce

When Atrium first began ideating on what its college-hire recruitment strategy could look like, it became clear that there existed  a strong need for a university outreach initiative. Our Atrium team wanted to get involved in local campus communities, and provide value to students outside of the traditional recruiting space. As a result, Atrium established […]

Why Open a New Atrium Office in Indianapolis?

Why Indy? That’s a question companies get asked every time there is an announcement about a relocation or expansion to Indianapolis. As someone that has been working in the tech industry in Indianapolis for 20+ years, my reaction is “Why not?”  With Atrium announcing the opening of our new office here for our 30 employees […]

Atrium’s Luminate Program as Told By the 2021 Luminates Themselves

Each year, Atrium makes a dedicated effort to find and hire exceptional college graduates across the country to participate in its Luminate program. “What’s the Luminate program?” you ask. Who better to answer that question than those who just went through it?! Four college graduates who were hired as some of Atrium’s newest employees and […]

Atrium’s U.S. and India 2020 Luminates: Our First Anniversary

Luminate program 2020 class 1st anniversary

September is the first of the “Ber” months. To some, this means the end of the year is in sight. Hold up, September is still Q3! But for the Luminate 2020 class at Atrium, this month marks the end of their first year.  Indeed, it’s been a very productive 2021, and our rookie team was […]

A “Virtual” Transition from College to Work Life

In the midst of one of the world’s most difficult times, a crew of fresh graduates from across the country began their Atrium journeys. Working from an office was not possible, due to the global pandemic, and simply stepping out of your own house seemed life threatening. For most, this was brand new territory. Even […]

The Dating (Data) Game: Atrium Luminate Edition!

Announcer: LIVE! From a sales and marketing office in San Francisco, California, the Salesforce capital of the world, it’s THE DATING DATA GAME! And here’s the star of our show, and your host, Jim Lange! Lange: Thank you and good evening, ladies and gentlemen! We’ve got a wild group tonight! Listen, there’s been a spectacular […]