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Journey from College to Consulting With Atrium’s 2022 Luminate Cohort in Jaipur

Journey from College to Consulting With Atrium’s 2022 Luminate Cohort in Jaipur

Contributors: Khushi Chaplot, Kriti Sharma, Anushka Sharma, Prachi Behl, Tanisha Dhemla, Shivam Tailor, Pallav Vyas, and Devyanshi Khandelwal


Change is inevitable, and the transition from college to corporate life is one big breakthrough that almost every fresh graduate experiences soon after graduation. It seems both exciting and intimidating because it is a life-changing transformation that expects students to move from a secure and comfortable environment to a challenging, competitive, and highly demanding environment. However, changes like these help individuals grow at both personal and professional levels and thus become an integral part of an individual’s life.

Atrium helped us survive and win through what seemed like a tough road ahead to the corporate world with quite a lot of ease. From our training program being all-encompassing, to regular feedback mechanisms, to work culture, everything was remarkable and outstanding, and this encouraged us a lot.

So let us take you through the six-month journey we had in the Luminate program here (Atrium’s training program for college graduates), to give you insight into the experiences we had throughout and the learnings we had along the way.

The start of our journey — from college to corporate

It started when we were in the 7th semester of our college and the placements drive began. There was a lot of excitement and nervousness as we were about to start our career journeys, and so the schedule during those days was usually to wake up, prepare for interviews and research the companies so that we could crack the interviews and land a good job. 

All this seemed quite daunting at times since we were just entering the corporate world and we wanted to ensure that we landed at the right place. We were all looking for a place where we could grow as individuals, contribute to the organization’s success, and play our role in contributing to the larger community. To find it all in a single organization seemed challenging, but we were on a hunt for it, and we had no intention to stop till we found an ideal match.

Atrium was one of the companies visiting our college and several things about this company fascinated us. The reviews about Atrium’s work culture, the core values that they stood for, and the fact that they were in the startup space and working on the latest technology really intrigued us, and we decided to give it a shot.

The recruiting process began and we went through four rounds of interviews — HR Screening, Technical, Cultural, and Leadership — trying to find our way into the organization. Finally, ten of us were selected, and eventually we started our journey through Atrium’s Luminate program to kickstart our career in the professional space.

Atrium’s diverse, all-encompassing Luminate program

Atrium does a lot of work in Salesforce (the leading CRM) and so our training program on the technical side focused heavily on Salesforce. 

The basic Luminate training program lasts roughly three months and covers different aspects of Salesforce administration and analytics (aka Salesforce’s CRM Analytics), along with a slight blend of QA lifecycle so that along with the technical knowledge, we can understand the functional side of things too.

Sessions led by experienced consultants

During the course of our training, experienced consultants gave us sessions so that we could gain a fundamental understanding of different technical concepts. Then we followed up by working on the associated Trailheads, superbadges, and assignments to refine and fine-tune our understanding of different things involved.

After the three months of training through Luminate, we had advanced training and practice sessions as per our different interest areas which revolved around Apex (, Kata challenges (analytics), and data science, which helped us gain a deep understanding of things that aligned with our individual interest areas.

Alongside this, to ensure that we were on the right track, our assignments were regularly reviewed by the session owners and we had proper assessments in place, followed by feedback on our performance so that we could brush up and hone our skills and improve.

A trusted feedback loop between Luminates and Jaipur leads

We also had regular meetings scheduled with our Jaipur leads where we had conversations and discussions about our training experience and the company in general. We were always made comfortable and so it became quite easy for us to voice our opinions and ideas, and get our issues addressed if we had any. All of this made us realize that we are constantly heard at Atrium and that was quite assuring in itself, especially as a fresher.

Though our initial training happened online because of Covid, we were still able to learn so much because we had proper guidance and direction from experienced consultants. However, not until the Jaipur office opened did we get to have an even more complete experience together. The monthly birthday celebrations, meeting our seniors in person, insightful and fun group discussions over tea breaks, and bonding with each other while playing indoor games were all important experiences in themselves. We are glad we had all of that because it made us better express ourselves and grow professionally. To sum it all up, the overall training experience was magnificent and we enjoyed every part of it.

The win-win culture

Gary Vaynerchuk once said, “If a company has great culture, it can be the backbone of their success.” It resonates with us. A good culture helps individuals and organizations reach great heights.

Fortunately, the culture here at Atrium is phenomenal and we were able to experience that from day one — from having constant guidance from the experienced consultants to having frequent conversations with our leads, managers, and HR, to everyone being there for us (including the leadership team), to transparent processes.

Highlights of our training and few key takeaways

As mentioned above, the comprehensive training and culture was the reason for us to become better professionals, and we can’t thank Atrium enough for providing us with all the wonderful opportunities it has.

Our key takeaways from our time in the Luminate program:

Learn constantly and from everything

Here at Atrium, we are constantly motivated to learn in all the ways possible, whether it is through certifications or through our mistakes, and honestly, it has nourished us in innumerable ways throughout!

Buddies to the rescue

Coming into the corporate world, and not knowing who to reach out to, when and for what seemed quite daunting at times, and to guide us, Atrium provided us with “buddies.” These buddies were experienced consultants who guided us every step of the way. This was quite beneficial and provided us with a seamless transition from a college grad to a corporate professional, something which we eagerly looked forward to ever since we started on our corporate journey.

The start of our career journey

All in all, it was a wonderful journey as a Luminate throughout, and as a professional, this is just the start of our career journey. We eagerly await the future and the wonderful experiences and the learnings that it holds for us, and with all the guidance and support that we get here at Atrium, we are quite optimistic that we will continue to shine on!

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