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A Look at the Future with Atrium’s Luminate Program

I’ve always been a baseball fan and have been intrigued by the approaches teams have taken to reach a championship. There are the big spenders that enlist top free agent players to get that quick win, but it’s not sustainable (yes, I’m looking at the ‘97 or ‘03 Marlins). Then there are the patient ones that draft from college, getting years of success from a core group that has grown and built a strong, stable team together (think the ‘90s Braves who had Glavine, Smoltz, Avery, and Chipper Jones driving success for more than 10 years). At Atrium, we don’t want to be the Marlins. We want to be those ‘90s Braves. We are building a successful company that has staying power. And to help build our team with some of the best, and brightest young minds, we launched a program for recent college graduates called Luminate.

Luminate Program

Just like baseball’s greats all needed some training in the minor leagues before being successful in the majors, the Luminate program is our training program that provides the core skills needed for our recent grads to be successful at Atrium, giving them a head start on becoming the next generation of leaders.

One would think that a recent college grad would have learned enough in the last 4-6+ years. And while Colleges do a great job providing the technical skills around a degree, there are soft skills that are necessary in consulting that colleges don’t really teach. Skills around how to communicate, interact and work with customers – which, more often than not, is the key to successful consulting projects vs. the technical skills to deliver the outcome. While we make sure the program provides everyone with some additional base technical skills, we focus on providing those core soft skills to help give recent grads a jump start on their career.

Those that go through the program should expect to:

  • Earn multiple Salesforce certifications
  • Learn the core fundamentals around AI and machine learning and how businesses can benefit from adopting intelligent experiences into their processes
  • Learn about their own personality, how to identify other types of personalities, and how to communicate with those types through the DISC assessment and training
  • Learn how to ask the right questions to discover the requirements needed to make a project successful
  • Learn tips on how to get requirements and turn them into user stories that describe what will be built
  • Learn the Atrium methodology for delivering projects and why it is so important to follow it for success
  • Be shocked by the consulting no-no’s that our experienced folks have seen
  • Experience what it’s like to travel for business
  • Collaborate on internal projects
  • Shadow client projects to see what we teach in action
  • Help give back to your community through Atrium’s Cultivate program

Throughout the program, Luminate participants will learn from our experts in the associated areas. We try to make every training fun, as well as make sure there are social events to help participants connect with our team members. While not part of the official program, all Atrium employees get to help shape this growing company through their interactions with our executives and collaboration on internal projects with the entire team.

Everything mentioned is done in the first few months of being an employee at Atrium! After the program, Luminees will get assigned to work on one of our many projects to put everything they just learned to practice. And while we can tell you all about the value of the Luminate program, here is what recent Luminate participants had to say.

“Coming from a heavy background in academic research I was worried about being overwhelmed when jumping into consulting. However, the Luminate program really put my mind at ease by giving me a thorough background understanding of the industry from those with years of experience. What made the program even more rewarding was getting to know and have fun with the others in the Luminate program who all helped and pushed me to learn more.”
Luminate Class of 2019
“Luminate was a valuable way to begin working at Atrium because our team was gradually exposed to the many complexities that make up the consulting process from project to project. Luminate gave us a chance to begin learning the skills we will need to be successful in a supportive environment, while at the same time affording us the opportunity to get to know other Atrians and become part of an awesome team!”
Luminate Class of 2019
“As someone who comes from a computer science background, I am stoked about learning and being a part of all aspects of the project development process. Through Luminate, I have gained a better understanding of what the business side development responsibilities are. I have also gained a better understanding of how important communication is between development, testing, the business side, and the client side of a project. Overall I am grateful for the rounded education the Luminate program has provided me, that I know I would not receive elsewhere.”
Luminate Class of 2019

If you are a recent college graduate or about to graduate, interested in helping shape intelligent systems for businesses, and the allure of consulting is intriguing, we would love to hear from you. We run the Luminate program multiple times a year with small cohorts of new hires (timed around common graduation dates) from our Bozeman, MT, Indianapolis, IN, and San Diego, CA locations in the US and from our Jaipur, RJ location in India.

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