Whitepaper: Driving Salesforce Financial Service Cloud Adoption at Banks


WHITEPAPER Driving Financial Services Cloud Adoption at Banks It’s no surprise that many banks are choosing Salesforce Financial Services Cloud (FSC). With tools that enable bespoke experiences for customers, automation that boosts productivity, AI-powered insights, and more, the platform is a natural fit for key decision makers. But what about end users? They’re the ones […]

Whitepaper: Data Agility Unlocked: The Data Strategy You Need to Succeed

data agility whitepaper

WHITEPAPER Data Agility Unlocked: The Data Strategy You Need to Succeed Businesses have started to streamline data operations and replace legacy on-premise data lakes and warehouses with systems like Snowflake, a Data Cloud that doesn’t require years of planning to scale. But in order to take advantage of this progress, the concept of data agility […]

Whitepaper: Innovate and Accelerate With CRM Analytics for Financial Services

WHITEPAPER Innovate and Accelerate With CRM Analytics for Financial Services You may already know many of the benefits and potential customizations when it comes to a holistic CRM strategy. Whether it’s expertise in creating and logging opportunities, navigating Salesforce reports, or exporting and exploring your data in sheets, the power and accessibility is paramount for […]

Whitepaper: The Right Revenue Intelligence Strategy

Revenue Intelligence Whitepaper

WHITEPAPER Transform Your Revenue Operations With The Right Revenue Intelligence Strategy As leaders look for ways to maintain growth and profitability, revenue intelligence is a crucial way teams can identify and eliminate internal silos and improve cross-team data visibility, in order to turbocharge the customer experience. What’s inside? Created in partnership with Salesforce, this whitepaper […]

Whitepaper: A Smart Starter Guide to Machine Learning Operations

WHITEPAPER A Smart Starter Guide to Machine Learning Operations Machine learning operations, more commonly known as MLOps, is the pursuit of faster and more reliable delivery through a pipeline of data to insight and value. While DevOps is concerned with breaking down the silos of development and operations, MLOps builds upon DevOps, but adds the breakdown of […]

Accelerating Revenue Operations with Salesforce, Tableau, and Slack

revops demo

ACCELERATE YOUR REVENUE OPERATIONS with high forecast visibility Looking for help with enhancing your revenue intelligence to gain predictability, efficiency, and growth across your entire revenue process? Look no further! In this demo, you’ll learn how companies are accelerating their performance related to revenue operations by combining the capabilities of Salesforce, Tableau and Slack to […]

Wealth Asset Management – Tableau and Salesforce Demo

PREDICTIVE TABLEAU DASHBOARDS FOR WEALTH ASSET MANAGEMENT What If You Could: Predict key client likelihood of attrition early and take corrective action? Increase customer retention by a few % points? Have a consistent way to measure the impact a customer’s defection would have on the business? Have specific retention options presented based on a customer […]

Whitepaper: Drivers of Lead Propensity in Higher Education

WHITEPAPER Drivers of lead propensity in higher education The market for business students is rapidly growing every year. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics cited nearly half a million new jobs in 2015 in management alone (i.e., business careers). This trend is echoed throughout the world, and students want to prepare themselves well for this […]