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Latané Conant on the Potential of Generative AI

Latane Conant - Insight Track

Einstein GPT, Tableau GPT, ChatGPT… Generative AI has emerged in the market with incredible buzz. But what are the real use cases and tactical approaches companies can take advantage of and employ right now? How can they plan for an increasingly AI-supercharged future? Latané Conant, Chief Market Officer at 6sense, discusses the real-world power of […]

Depth is Our Story: Christopher Dean on Communications and Media Innovation at Salesforce

Depth is Our Story: Christopher Dean on Communications and Media Innovation at Salesforce

Is CDP the new CRM? Christopher Dean (GM, Senior Vice President, Communications and Media, Salesforce Industries at Salesforce) discusses the evolution of data unification, including CRM as the canonical record of data and CDP as the action engine on top of it. In conversation, he details combining core Salesforce capabilities with communications and media industry-specific […]

Mark Fleming on Reaching Data Nirvana Through Centralization and Improved Access

Mark Fleming of Snowflake on Atrium's Insight Track

With more and more companies making the transition to the data economy, themes of quality, governance, and technological ROI take center stage. Mark Fleming (SVP of Sales, Americas Enterprise at Snowflake) discusses the nirvana achievement of centralized data to create meaningful outcomes, the power of communication and storytelling across internal teams to bolster collaboration and […]

The Next Age of Common Courtesy: Glenn Weinstein On Evolving Systems of Engagement

How can organizations use their first-party data more not only more efficiently, but more intuitively? What does the near future look like for today’s systems of engagement? A technology pioneer with experience serving in the Navy and paving the way for evolution in the Salesforce ecosystem, Twilio‘s Chief Customer Officer Glenn Weinstein knows how to […]

Claire Bolton On Successful Adoption Across Sales Ops and RevOps

What does it take to be successful with change management, adoption, and engagement in today’s technologies for those in sales and revenue operations (aka revops)? What about streamlining the experience for users across systems? Claire Bolton, the Global Director of Sales Operations at CooperVision, spoke with our CEO Chris Heineken about prioritizing transparency, communication, and […]

Peter MacDonald On the Move to Modern Data Architecture

Peter MacDonald

The mindset around analytics transformation has evolved over the last few years, with businesses of every size and shape grappling with whether to move from legacy investments to a modern data architecture — along with the benefits and how best to do it. Our CEO Chris Heineken spoke with Peter MacDonald (Head of Strategic Partnerships, […]