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Industry Solutions Powered by Snowflake

Bring IT and the business together to drive powerful outcomes with industry-specific solutions powered by the Snowflake Data Cloud

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Snowflake has the power and flexibility businesses need to put their data to work most effectively. Yet, many customers are still stuck in the IT-only lane, migrating traditional workloads into data warehouses. That’s where we come in.

We combine business use case-led solution delivery with deep data science expertise to translate data into true business outcomes. We support businesses across financial services, medtech, media, and beyond, helping them accelerate their business intelligence and data investments.

Financial Services Industry Solutions

Across wealth management, commercial banking, and retail banking, we have comprehensive financial services industry solutions powered by Snowflake. We help financial institutions better manage existing client relationships, identify upsell/cross-sell opportunities, target new markets, and more.

New Household Growth for Wealth Management

Designed to provide financial advisors with an end-to-end data-driven CRM that not only produces prescriptive, predictive insights right in their everyday workflow, but also automatically places those insights in the context of the business with recommended actions.

Data-Driven Relationship Management for Wealth Management

By making use of automation for manual or time-consuming tasks, you can increase visibility for relationship managers and prioritize their business development activities, increase revenue, expand existing household wallet share, and assets under management.

Data-Driven Client Acquisition for Commercial Banking

Pull together internal and third-party takes for a 360-degree view of potential clients to help relationship managers prospect and acquire ideal clients.

Enhanced Portfolio Management for Commercial Banking

Get a true client 360 experience with a consistent view of activities, opportunities, products, and services to grow client relationships, retain high-performing relationship managers, and increase wallet share across LOBs.

Growing and Retaining Deposits for Retail Banking

Proactively prevent attrition, detect red flags early, target upselling opportunities, personalize the customer experience, and improve profitability.

Hear from our financial services industry leader

Watch and learn from our industry expert. Get a detailed overview of our Data-Driven Customer Acquisition solution, powered by Snowflake.

Media Industry Solutions

With our media industry solutions powered by Snowflake, media professionals can understand booking and advertiser spend comparisons, optimize the sales cycle, deepen advertiser trust, get more insight from your data, and more.

Campaign 360 and Sales Optimization

A single platform from pipeline to delivery! Whether you sell upfronts, scatter market, or both, you can understand booking comparisons YoY and advertiser spend comparisons, and shed light on the key insights you need to increase efficiency, collaborate effectively, and maximize ROI.

Self-Service Advertising and Analytics

Enabling self-service advertising to systems like Dan Ads not only makes the sales cycle more efficient and opens up inventory to businesses that wouldn’t otherwise buy it — it also deepens advertiser trust with quick insight into campaign performance.

Ad Inventory Management and Operations

Optimize ad space usage, generate more revenue, enhance user experience, and reduce operational costs while gaining valuable insights from first- and third-party data and protecting user privacy and complying with regulations.

Hear from our media industry leader

Watch and learn from our industry expert. Get a detailed overview of our Campaign 360 and Sales Optimization solution, powered by Snowflake.

Medtech Industry Solutions

Maximize sales capacity and productivity, prove the value of products and equipment to HCPs, and improve customer and patient outcomes with our set of medtech industry solutions powered by Snowflake.

Revenue and Sales Management

Maximize sales capacity and productivity by optimizing territory assignments and customer coverage while improving visibility into revenue with recommended actions for improving pipeline and deal health.

Value-Based Analytics

Leverage data across multiple sources such as ERP systems, third parties, and the devices themselves to show HCPs the value of products and equipment. The benefits are twofold: the outcomes this drives for you and the outcomes it drives for providers.

Commercial Excellence

CPQ processes in the medtech industry can be inefficient, slow, and lack intelligent automation to suggest the right mix of products at the right price. Streamline sales operations and boost distributor productivity, ultimately increasing revenue and margins.

We Know Snowflake

Maybe implementation is underway or even complete! Now the challenge is in surfacing data insights from newly accessible data, so users can take meaningful action. Sales, service, and marketing departments have needs… and they keep growing. Meanwhile, the data is multiplying and it’s not at their fingertips.

Atrium is your Elite Snowflake consulting partner every step of the way. Our team specializes in integrating data with other everyday systems such as Salesforce and Tableau, while applying data science and generative AI into the workflow for the end users.

Proven Success with Industry Solutions Powered by Snowflake

Intuitive surgical

ISI develops, manufactures, and markets the da Vinci Surgical System, which is designed to improve clinical outcomes of patients through minimally invasive surgery. ISI needed to improve their client satisfaction with hospitals and networks of hospitals (i.e., Integrated Delivery Networks) — particularly surgeons and hospital executives.

In order to drive customer ROI for ISI, Atrium made information central, accessible, and actionable with CRM Analytics and Salesforce Sales Cloud. To date, 38 customer-facing, brand compliant dashboards are populated with data captured in Salesforce, ISI EDW (Snowflake leveraging Snowpark) and third parties.

Our Technology Partners

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Simplifying access to information from Snowflake can drive better decision-making and real-time outcomes in Salesforce. As experts in Snowflake and Salesforce, we guide businesses across industries using best practices on both platforms.

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We combine CRM strategy, data science, Snowflake, and Tableau software implementation expertise to drive sustainable business intelligence solutions on the Tableau platform for customers at any point on their business intelligence modernization journey.

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Fivetran is the premier automated data movement platform for moving data into, out of, and across cloud data platforms. Together, we help businesses automate the most time-consuming parts of the ELT process and free up data engineering teams in the process.​

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